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08 Jan 2014

For some years now, I've kept an old LAR-base, which once belonged to a cracked 2nd generation Zenith shell; hoping one day I would find another Zenith chair with a trashed base to replace with my


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17 Jan 2014

I'm sorry Api, I can't...

17 Jan 2014

Can't help you with a good...

15 Jan 2014

Nice Pegboard!

Do you...
Nice Pegboard!

10 Jan 2014

Your table has slight...

09 Jan 2014

Thanks a lot anyway Woody!...
Thanks a lot anyway Woody! :)

08 Jan 2014

Thanks Woody, that would be...
Thanks Woody, that would be fantastic!

08 Jan 2014

Btw, I resized my images to...
never mind the images work now...

07 Dec 2013

No, sorry I don't know who...
No, sorry I don't know who made it unfortunately...