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claus (DE)

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10 Mar 2009
claus (DE)

I found this lamp (actually an infrared heat lamp) by Philips in a thrift-shop. It surfaced on ebay a couple of times, described as an Eileen gray design, but I could not verify this so far.

06 Mar 2009
claus (DE)

After the Bauhaus was shut down, Grabe joined van Beuren, Morley Webb and others (Albers, Meyer) and emigrated to Mexico City where they worked together (daybed for the '41 Organic Design in Home F

23 Jan 2009
claus (DE)

If anyone in the Minneapolis area is interested in a solid piece of prefab architecture, here's your chance. An architectural firm is selling a 20x83 feet Ed Baker-skywalk.


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04 Nov 2013

haven't posted in a while,
but this is important!

30 Dec 2012

where are you located?
the base looks like vitra - is there a label on the bottom side?

19 Oct 2012

In the book "modern classic...

06 Sep 2012

polytrol and
owatrol farbauffrischer are exactly the same thing, look at the picture.

01 Sep 2012

Siesta chair by Ingmar...
Siesta chair by Ingmar Relling for Westnofa, Norway.

09 Aug 2012

great work
and a very nice table, tinyarmada. may we see a before photo?