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30 Apr 2016

I've had a couple of these. I believe that they are British, as opposed to Danish.

18 Feb 2015

I place designers within London's Ad & Design agencies!

09 Feb 2015

Still trying to work this one out.

There are hints of Kofod Larsen, if that triggers anything?


07 Feb 2015

Oh, that? That's my living room.

31 Mar 2014

Bought the Peelaway
Results to follow.

28 Mar 2014

Thank you as always, tktoo
Will that remove water-based paint too?

02 Mar 2014

Just stumbled across it in one of my books, whilst looking for something else!

27 Feb 2014

I just had the exact same table re-caned

26 Feb 2014

We have parking spaces in London?