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17 Jun 2018

I don’t need any more projects, but found this chair in pieces and thought I recognized it. Is it worth putting the effort into repairing it?

13 Feb 2018

Probably American, but I can't find any like them and thought combined with the tile top that these might be Italian. Anyone seen any like this or have any clues?


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21 Oct 2018

These are not wrought iron. Wrought iron is iron shaped by a blacksmith in a forge.

13 Jul 2018

I'm in the Boston area, and had never heard of Metropolitan before I saw this loveseat, but recognized it as high qua

26 Jun 2018

Thank you! It is rather similar. Obviously not a copy but a loose interpretation if that was the inspiration.

26 Feb 2018

Thanks for looking Spanky. I'll go with most likely Italian walnut.

17 Feb 2018

Bumping to see if anyone has ever seen legs like this with the big brass tips on the end.

10 Feb 2018

Based on construction details these definitely look like more recent copies with modifications of what was a very pop

09 Feb 2018

I think minimoma was right that you need to start with the design quality of the piece and then decide how much time

09 Dec 2017

I've seen those pins in cast brass, used in built-in furniture from the turn of the century (1900).

08 Jul 2017

Thanks, you got me googling - and I don't understand what I found.

05 May 2017

Most Danish furniture of this era was shipped flat and assembled on arrival in the new country - much like Ikea furni