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15 Dec 2014

had no luck IDing these.  Pretty sure one of you guys/gals knows them. 

12 May 2014

Anyone out there familiar with this lamp? A colleague of mine has one and she states the switch stopped working. It is one of those step on floor switches.


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08 Sep 2018

Picked up a lil sumpin sumpin on my way to work today. Excuse the pic, its the pic from the craigslist add

06 Sep 2018

Anyone remember the movie that sofa scene is from?

05 Sep 2018

I have the matching sofa

05 Sep 2018

Sort of Heywood Wakefield - ish looking

08 Jun 2016


Those are so Pimp! I need those

15 Apr 2016

Hi Leif. I will take some better photos and post soon if that will help. Thanks.

05 May 2015

call these guys and see if they have an idea of where to get the material.

11 Mar 2015

Winchendon Furniture compnay produced sets.

11 Mar 2015

Dang.  What state do you live in?

05 Mar 2015

rated negative 25 on Simon's investment scale