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07 Apr 2014

My Ingmar Relling Siesta Chair needs a replacement screw like this. Anyone can help?

17 Mar 2014

Aunt Mark, ever since I saw the way you lined up the beautiful set of Eames walnut stools in front of your sofa, I had been hoping to get my hands on a set. The day finally came.


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09 Mar 2017

I must respectfully disagree with fastfwd that the upper label is from the 90's but not much earlier than that.

03 Feb 2017

I can offer ZERO technical support here and it sounds like tktoo knows what's he's talking about, so it's good.

27 Jan 2017

Though I've never personally seen the loungers with casters, you could easily change them out with the glides.

25 Dec 2016

Can you post more pix of the chair and ottoman from different angles?

08 Aug 2016

Addiction? Most definitely.

07 Aug 2016

Omg, now I'm super embarrassed to share how much I paid for mine which is A LOT more than both of yours combined!!

07 Aug 2016

I got mine at a decent price. I think I saw the listing of your pair on eBay for a long time.

07 Aug 2016

Congrats on these fun chairs, Reamie. How likely are you to sell the one with labels?

27 Jun 2016

It's plastic made by Vitra. HM made it in metal? I had no idea. Can you elaborate?

24 Jun 2016

Here's its current spot in the living room. It certainly has a very fun vibe to it.