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23 Aug 2013

I have an opportunity to pick up a few pollock executive chairs for $200 a piece. Would that be a good deal? They're in pretty good shape. Thanks.

18 Aug 2013

I came across an LCW that has a water mark that's about 1" in diameter. Seller says it happened during an oiling treatment. Is that something that can be removed? It's in Ash btw.


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19 Mar 2015

No repair expert here but I doubt adding more epoxy around the edges would do anything helpful.

15 Jan 2015

It looks like a defect to me since obviously a normal chair wouldn't have shavings like that.

14 Jan 2015

I'd contact Graham Mancha. He'll give you an honest opinion. 

13 Jan 2015

It looks authentic. Maybe more pix from the back can help confirm. Yes, you need new leather. 

07 Jan 2015

If I remember correctly, the older chairs don't have those plastic rings in that area.

18 Dec 2014

It's veneer. It also specifies that on the label on the underside.

18 Dec 2014

I'm excited to say that I was wrong about my identification of the table as walnut.

15 Dec 2014

We own a current production but I think even vintage ones wouldn't look THAT different. 

10 Dec 2014

I've said it elsewhere before but just keep in mind that if you buy new, you never quite know what kind of grain

09 Dec 2014

Congratulations, Andrew, on this purchase!! I'm a proud owner of a few Eames Loungers from different eras.