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21 Jun 2013

Hi all, my recent find of an Ingmar Felling Siesta Chair. Have always liked the way it looks, but never sat in it until now. Very comfortable indeed.

30 May 2013

Lately I've caught my eye on it; I think some call it the smiling chair. I know it wasn't very well received when it first came out in the 60's but picked up in the 90's when it was reintroduced.

24 May 2013

Happy Friday everyone! Just wanted to share a hilarious picture of my dog. Not related to design at all and totally irrelevant, but hopefully puts a smile on people's faces.


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15 Dec 2014

We own a current production but I think even vintage ones wouldn't look THAT different. 

10 Dec 2014

I've said it elsewhere before but just keep in mind that if you buy new, you never quite know what kind of grain

09 Dec 2014

Congratulations, Andrew, on this purchase!! I'm a proud owner of a few Eames Loungers from different eras.

24 Nov 2014

I remember asking the owner of the chair the same questions as well.

22 Nov 2014

Pegboard, please enthrall me with your knowledge.

17 Nov 2014

Picked up a pair of newer Eames aluminum side chairs in mint condition. Seller insisted they were reproductions.

15 Nov 2014

Here they are! Let me know what you think. 

14 Nov 2014

I had a chair that had a missing bolt and I had the hardest time replacing it.

14 Nov 2014

No, Eameshead, the 670/671 is still my main center of insanity, with the plywood series trailing quite far behind.&nb