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26 Aug 2016

I picked up this desk which has Muriel Coleman for California contemporary design details, but there is so little information on Coleman's designs.


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20 May 2018

Hey Waldorf!

Yea never know,
But Maybe!

30 Mar 2018

Picked up this Thurston Lightolier Triennale style lamp.

16 Feb 2018

This lamp was being sold as a "Garcia Artichoke Chandalier".

08 Feb 2018

Leif is Correct again.
Good thing I didn't bet on this game.

07 Feb 2018

Dats WALNUT, for real.

10 Aug 2017

i shall heed your advice
Auntie Dear.

10 Aug 2017

They gotta be original Knoll Platner.
It is theoretically possible that they were custom ordered white,

05 Nov 2016

Here's our bitchin Camaro.

05 Nov 2016

Hey JuanEarl
Did you pick up the thin edge dresser?
Cuz if you didn't lead me to it.

30 Jun 2016

Picked up this nice set out of a super dusty storage container.