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31 Jan 2018

Buddy the Black Moor fancy fantail goldfish in trash-salvaged footed round Anchor Hocking clear glass bowl, with glass marbles from the flea market, the dollar store, and the street


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15 Nov 2018

Use orange and yellow spray paint, for crying out loud. Or just keep the blue, it's close enough to the original.

14 Nov 2018

I wrote a comment, clicked the stupid captcha thing, submitted it, and look, there's the blank comment field with not

10 Nov 2018

checker lsr-1 is dope!

05 Nov 2018

"Images must be smaller than 1500x1500 pixels."

27 Oct 2018

some keywords

church sanctuary

18 Oct 2018

As quality brazier referrals are likely to be scarce, I'd just shed a gentle tear and drag that sucker down to the ha

15 Oct 2018

It looks pretty contemporary, I'd guess that the chair is quite a bit newer than 60s-70s.

26 Sep 2018

25 clams in the semi-wild. I'm a sucker for Charlie Brown Christmas trees.

26 Sep 2018

website extremely buggy

captcha game terrible