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31 Jan 2018

Buddy the Black Moor fancy fantail goldfish in trash-salvaged footed round Anchor Hocking clear glass bowl, with glass marbles from the flea market, the dollar store, and the street

09 Mar 2016

Last night the back mounts on my DCM desk chair failed. Curses, I say, CURSES! Damn you, cruel world. Oh, the suffering...


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18 Jun 2018

three-dollar vintage kitty-cat painting

lord help me

18 Jun 2018

I scraped most of the scale out of my toilet with a razor blade. It smells better now!

08 Jun 2018

Emotional attachment to one's home and its specifically curated and organized contents is not necessarily unhealthy.

07 Jun 2018

PURPLE Eames loose cushion lounge arm chair

etc. etc. etc.

26 May 2018

minimoma- only thing eyerollable there is the apologetic preamble.

24 May 2018

I have seen the image and I have drawn a circle around the plant.

Thank you

24 May 2018

"When you grow up, your heart dies."

13 May 2018

That's a tough size to find of good quality in a thrift store, but it turns up eventually.