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31 Jan 2018

Buddy the Black Moor fancy fantail goldfish in trash-salvaged footed round Anchor Hocking clear glass bowl, with glass marbles from the flea market, the dollar store, and the street


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18 Sep 2018

Verified accounts should not have to deal with this fucking captcha bullshit.

18 Sep 2018

makes less prone to snapping off

14 Sep 2018

Are you still confused?

23 Aug 2018

Aren't Modernica tops branded on the bottom?

05 Aug 2018

Another trash-pile masterwork. You can tell it's a good one, because the more you look at it, the worse it gets!

04 Aug 2018

A total lie of a title and description, and a total joke of a username:

02 Aug 2018

Speaking of magic, I used to have a Cherner-Goldman-Bernardo chair, but I transmogrified it into something else, thou

02 Aug 2018

Is it just a penny, or is it also an existential metaphor that validates one's existence?

02 Aug 2018

Teak? The wide grain figure shown in pic #2 made me first think pecan, then oak.