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15 Nov 2015

Has anyone ordered custom lamp shades? Any positive feedback? I have used blanche field but they are really quite pricey.

15 Nov 2015

Hi all

Had this for a while and was looking to see if it's anything of note. Quality is good on it. Lots of small touches like brass nuts caps on the inside of the shade.


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24 Apr 2018


that's cute

19 Apr 2018

Home made was my thought too because the globe looks like an off the shelf part.

26 Feb 2018

Mostly likely designed by Albert Green, Owner, Clover Lamp.*

08 Feb 2018

Heya JosephB

Are you connected to the Greens? Do you have any more info or catalogs or trade materials?

23 Dec 2017

Can we see a pic of the whole lamp?

18 Dec 2017

Isn't that sort of like trying to figure out who manufactured a fake Rolex?

18 Dec 2017

You aren't missing anything. It doesn't lock into place. It just sits on the base.

15 Dec 2017

I can think of a dozen off the top of my head but I bet a new poster will register just to post a link to a US based

11 Dec 2017

It's a period knock off of the Eames chair, designed by committee looking to cash in on a popular design.