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08 Nov 2018

Hello all,

does anyone have a recommendations for books (and websites I suppose) covering Italian MCM furniture, lighting, pottery etc?


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11 Dec 2018

I just went to their website without an issue.

30 Nov 2018

Oh my... is he ... no longer with us?

27 Nov 2018


any chance of posting a link to a hi-res image of your ad?

06 Nov 2018


What’s your preferred method to ebonize?

02 Nov 2018

I would try to find one that has an intact frame but destroyed cushions and then do a transplant.

29 Oct 2018

He probably can't find the original post. Here is it!

17 Sep 2018

Look like Adrian Pearsall. As Spanky said, the top is def not original.

12 Sep 2018

My standard answer for this type of quest is:

16 Aug 2018

why would you delete it? I find that infuriating on FB and Reddit