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17 Sep 2018

Look like Adrian Pearsall. As Spanky said, the top is def not original.

12 Sep 2018

My standard answer for this type of quest is:

16 Aug 2018

why would you delete it? I find that infuriating on FB and Reddit

30 Jul 2018

Please post a photo of the label

09 Jul 2018

OMI made the swivels only. The lamp is manufactured by someone else.

07 Jun 2018

I never post in this thread and I have been on sabatical from new purchases for a long time but we are redoing our sp

27 May 2018

Yes. They’re are fake/homage. They were sold at Home Goods in the US a few years ago.

24 Apr 2018


that's cute

19 Apr 2018

Home made was my thought too because the globe looks like an off the shelf part.