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16 Mar 2013

Bauer, Wolf
(1939- )

Birthplace: Germany
Knoll Products: various textile designs, including Delta, Stones, Fragment, Collage, Wheels and Yves

29 Aug 2011

I'm on the road as i do every year this time.
We have a coastal home in Newfoundland. This trip we
contacted a fiddle and guitar maker in Cape Breton, in the


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21 Oct 2014

I don't do restoration projects...just personal ones. No time in my day.

17 Jun 2014

retro renovation
Read through the posted link.

03 Dec 2013

Thank you Mrs. Lyons. What a wonderful slideshow in your link.

02 Dec 2013

Perhaps i was not clear Stephen, though you know me better than that, ; )

13 Nov 2013

Crazy talk blonde need
Elvis would not approve ick
evil in the womb

27 Oct 2013

When i see someone wearing that shirt, it reminds me of the Mahogany thread.