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schef MCM

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03 Aug 2012
schef MCM

soo... I have an amazing George nelson omni unit, and last night the last light bulb went out. its a long florescent shaped light bulb but has a better warm glow.

12 Mar 2011
schef MCM

So recently a cousin of mine was painting a house, and the woman whos house was being repainted was a collector and very rich, she decided to give him a set of 4 Bertoia side wire chairs as a gift.


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03 May 2011

does this price seem a little too low for this too?

13 Mar 2011

so many reproductions these days...

12 Mar 2011

apparently the pads where added later.

12 Mar 2011

sorry about the pics!
they look almost like sepia...cell phone camera

17 Oct 2010

I wish....
I wish this was like Craigslist.

we need a flag button somewhere

24 Sep 2010

yea it does look like/has many features that the ones on google have.

12 Aug 2010

to Dbravia
thankyou it worked!