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08 Nov 2017

Nobody asked, but I'm on the fence. Maybe feeling a bit nostalgic...

I'll give it a chance to grow on me.

09 Dec 2014

So we've been trying this Drexel sofa in the house for a few years now and have decided to explore maybe rehabing it if the work it needs isn't too out of proportion.


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14 Mar 2018

Our new CIA Director could probably come up with a use for it.

14 Mar 2018

Mini, it's a primitive flax hetchel. Likely 19th C.

14 Mar 2018

Yes, spanky, there's one born every minute.

14 Mar 2018

There is simply no good reason for the doors on this thing to be so thick unless the maker had neither the skill nor

12 Mar 2018

Trunnels? Seriously?

The thing looks like it was put together by apprentice timber framers.

11 Mar 2018

Seeing a piece like that one has me thinking in terms of British Thermal Units.

06 Mar 2018

It's literally a matter of degrees and trial-and-error. The keyhole fixtures are ramped.

04 Mar 2018

Clean out the slots in the screws and tighten them down incrementally until they more firmly engage the keyhole hardw

03 Mar 2018

20 seconds on Goggle sez Irving Harper.

Another 15 would probably provide a date.

25 Feb 2018

Yeah, looks like teak with curly figure to me, too, Leif.