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08 Nov 2017

Nobody asked, but I'm on the fence. Maybe feeling a bit nostalgic...

I'll give it a chance to grow on me.

09 Dec 2014

So we've been trying this Drexel sofa in the house for a few years now and have decided to explore maybe rehabing it if the work it needs isn't too out of proportion.


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19 Jan 2019

Well, I'd rather a 65 year-old, um, anything that's been well-kept, sure, yet exhibits honest wear than one trying ha

18 Jan 2019

That "little voice" is never to be ignored. I recommend heeding your inner (and our beloved) spanky!

18 Jan 2019

Leif, would original screws have had slotted heads? When (if ever) they they start switching to Phillips?

18 Jan 2019

My initial thought upon first viewing the OP's photos of the chair in question was that it had been tarted up for sal

18 Jan 2019

5 minutes searching on the web resulted in images of at least 2 examples with seat frames distinctly lighter in color

16 Jan 2019

Ha! Knew you could do it.

Tricky job to start out on, though...

15 Jan 2019

You've found one with a beech seat frame which has not darkened much over time while the the rest of the chair (afro

12 Jan 2019



Failed fiber foundation.

Box springs art.

08 Jan 2019

Yes, the more I look at it, the more it looks like some sort of tool (albeit richly decorated) rather than a prayer o