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10 Jan 2018

I believe Herman Miller offered a "Low Conference Table" in the Eames Segmented Aluminum Group.

07 Jan 2018

Fascinating. Design addict of yesteryear.

07 Jan 2018

"I'll take one of each"?

Yes, I'd call that approach "progressive".

06 Jan 2018

What I find interesting is that we see four different wicker/tubular steel frame chairs all of the same apparent vint

05 Jan 2018

They go by different names like magic, hidden, and concealed wire shelf supports and can be found in different sizes

04 Jan 2018

Zephyr and cdsilva's posts are most interesting and insightful to me and I think it's a real possibility that both of

03 Jan 2018

Drexel was pretty good about marking their tables and case goods with clear stencils.

03 Jan 2018

Good for you, spanky. Hearing protection is something we often forget about and you're right to take precautions.

03 Jan 2018

cd, most of those little oil-less compressors are fine but, if you haven't used one before, they are LOUD.

01 Jan 2018

Nothing natural to the grain of the wood is responsible for the uneven coloration and I can't understand a profession