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26 Oct 2015

I have a pair of Bruksbo sofa's (one long one a love seat). There are a couple of cushions that are fairly beat.


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06 Aug 2018

I didn't realize it was matched until about 10 minutes they did it? THEY AREN'T TELLING

06 Aug 2018

it's a particular cut of Redwood, I don't remember the name.

05 Aug 2018

A bunch of smalls, all from ebay:

22 Jul 2018

it is! And my wife finds it sexy when I build things

21 Jul 2018

yeah, I think I am going to have to do some earthquake post-prep on this, I agree.

21 Jul 2018

well, here is another shot from a height and distance. The 2nd shot is an action shot of it in use.

20 Jul 2018

maybe not a great pic.

16 Jul 2018

most ambitious thing I have built in a while. A covering for our porch.

06 Jul 2018

you can find these stamped Made in Italy quite frequently. Usually under the seat on the bare wood.

01 Jul 2018

I have a huge weakness for rosewood. I'm true to teak but I cheat with rosewood