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26 Oct 2015

I have a pair of Bruksbo sofa's (one long one a love seat). There are a couple of cushions that are fairly beat.


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30 Oct 2018

ok. A tremendous bargain today at the GW, and a couple of randoms:

22 Oct 2018

I have seen these often enough that I was forced to research

it is a back roller. A messaging thing......

15 Oct 2018

couple of buys from the Bay

05 Oct 2018

pretty darn far from it...OREGON.

05 Oct 2018

A cool linen poster/banner from the Beaulieu national motor museum. Shows 3 English land speed record vehicles.

22 Sep 2018

I am a huge Russel Wright fan. No idea why he isn't more pricey? Was he just that productive?

13 Sep 2018

I don't think Burke made these?

30 Aug 2018

a weird, oak and tile table. Was filthy when I bought it (a trend for me...). Tiles are astonishing.

06 Aug 2018

I didn't realize it was matched until about 10 minutes they did it? THEY AREN'T TELLING

06 Aug 2018

it's a particular cut of Redwood, I don't remember the name.