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26 Oct 2015

I have a pair of Bruksbo sofa's (one long one a love seat). There are a couple of cushions that are fairly beat.


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19 Feb 2018

pic of the day bed/sofa that I bought the other day. All cleaned up. Just love it.

16 Feb 2018

agreed. Borenstein loved him some laminate.

Love Brown and Saltman STUFF.

04 Feb 2018

my wife loves the painting. She says it makes her happy. So that's a good thing

01 Feb 2018

has kind of a coppery aftertaste

29 Jan 2018

I loved oak
then I didn't love oak
now I love oak
go figure

27 Jan 2018

not to be left out....and another example of lamps without shades...

20 Jan 2018

I have always wanted one of those. I'd feel so important