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26 Oct 2015

I have a pair of Bruksbo sofa's (one long one a love seat). There are a couple of cushions that are fairly beat.


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11 May 2018

alright...fine. Something to feed the masses.

22 Apr 2018

as promised, about 5 months ago, some pics of the former rental renovation I have undertaken.

19 Apr 2018


just wow.

I have nothing productive or helpful to add.

10 Mar 2018

I only check adhoc, not via links, so when I go to DA I see the pages of spam.

24 Feb 2018

Drexel Declaration? I think? Candle back chairs? Sometimes attribed to Mr. Stewart, yes.

19 Feb 2018

pic of the day bed/sofa that I bought the other day. All cleaned up. Just love it.

16 Feb 2018

agreed. Borenstein loved him some laminate.

Love Brown and Saltman STUFF.

04 Feb 2018

my wife loves the painting. She says it makes her happy. So that's a good thing

01 Feb 2018

has kind of a coppery aftertaste