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11 Jan 2017

Bert Looper
Fristho ‘vooruitstrevende meubelen’ 1921-1978
mid-century modern in Nederland

10 Jan 2017

maybe not the best photos

10 Jan 2017

Thank you very much I was wondering since i saw the chair in a new book on Fristho with the name Olsen as designer i

10 Jan 2017

i understand these are moller chairs. where they designed by Hovmand Olsen?

07 Jan 2017

looks like ted net wire chair by niels gammelgaard for Ikea

06 Jan 2017

this sofa is often ascribed assproduced by Rohé wich is located in Noordwolde the Netherlands

08 Oct 2016

you are right the lauritz one the third in willywonka links is as i see it the Ikea one

08 Oct 2016

no dux no robin day but just another IKEA

14 Jul 2016

nicos Zographos i would say
maarten van wesemael

06 Jul 2016

google en yoy will see attributed to Carl Sasse for casala of wich i seen pictures with label