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24 Apr 2017

sorry to be a bit blunt billyboy if you read the text in send in the link you will discover

23 Apr 2017

i found this site wich has in my opinion good overview on the history of thehardoy knollbutterfly

19 Apr 2017

that wouldbe easy just google 'emaille straatnaambord' dutch for enamel streetname sign

23 Feb 2017

Gepo Amsterdan Netherlands

from a belgian vintage design lighting site their text says

16 Jan 2017

i van confirm they are not
they are Tordbjorn Afdal Hunter chair for Bruksbo Tegnekontoret

11 Jan 2017

Bert Looper
Fristho ‘vooruitstrevende meubelen’ 1921-1978
mid-century modern in Nederland

10 Jan 2017

maybe not the best photos

10 Jan 2017

Thank you very much I was wondering since i saw the chair in a new book on Fristho with the name Olsen as designer i

10 Jan 2017

i understand these are moller chairs. where they designed by Hovmand Olsen?

07 Jan 2017

looks like ted net wire chair by niels gammelgaard for Ikea


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