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12 Oct 2017

happy go lucky is my motto

12 Oct 2017

suprisingly you write:" We love them and will keep them anyway ..."

21 Sep 2017

it is NOT an ingmar relling I don't know how it is called but is not a relling

18 Sep 2017

glad to be of some help reamie

17 Sep 2017

it looks a lot like de Mirja or Milton of bruno mathsson maybe a early version?

17 Sep 2017

as tktoo writes it came in different wood types google image and you see different woods and collours

30 Jun 2017

well the fristho book is proof enough for me knowing the dept an seriousnous of it

30 Jun 2017

i just edited my text

30 Jun 2017

with he danger of intruding in a discusion wich is out of my league

12 Jun 2017

very similar
maybe the same even
Yrjö Kukkapuro
(A series for) Avarte