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whos that?

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10 Jan 2007
whos that?

Are there other companies in the US that do Eames Shell reupholstery? I've been to Retro-redo and they look great except for the price tag. $250 seems kinda steep for a chair I paid 75$ for.

14 Aug 2006
whos that?

A friend is looking to redo his library with 2 LC2's and an LC4. Hes got good taste in design, but not a lot of money at the moment (just graduated college).

19 Jul 2006
whos that?

I found this old article that says there was an Ikea version of the Eames LCW/DCW. Has anyone seen this chair? Pictures? Link below.

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03 Oct 2007

Sorry to be the one to point this out

12 Jul 2007

Sorry for the confusion

26 Jun 2007

Thanks for proving my point and throwing another tantrum.

16 Jun 2007

First Class or Not
First class materials or not the design is still stolen.

11 Jun 2007

knockoffs are stealing
Using someone else's material on a term paper is plagiarism.