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william-holden-caulfield (FREEDONIA)

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05 Oct 2014
william-holden-caulfield (FREEDONIA)

Someone has offered me four of these (circa 1970, I'd guess), but the rattan is dry, crunchy, and crumbling. I'm wondering if it's prohibitively expensive to have the seats redone in rattan.

10 Aug 2010
william-holden-caulfield (FREEDONIA)

Say you have a solid wood vintage chair with a worn lacquer finish-- the lacquer's slightly worn on the legs, terribly worn on the seat. In fact, the seat's pretty much naked wood, at this point.


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02 Jan 2011

Maybe you should outfit it with
eight wine bottle terrariums.

02 Jan 2011

more of the architectural wit & wisdom of Robert Venturi:

02 Jan 2011

With arch friends of modernism
like the designers of Guild House, SDR-- who NEEDS enemies?

21 Dec 2010

I said it last year, I'll say it this--
good looking kid, Pegboard.

19 Dec 2010

What's the consensus on "Thonet"?
Toe-nay... or Ton-it?

18 Dec 2010

I'd guess that these Frankenstein sideboards

17 Dec 2010

I think what Ark MEANS to say, is:
My friends call me Ark.