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16 Aug 2008

I was idly thumbing a 1950 copy of Life Magazine this week, when I came upon this Eames profile, which I thought I'd share here. (Before I realized what a nuisance it'd be to scan these pages!)

27 Jul 2008

In a recent thread, I noticed that a Jens Risom chair was likened to an animal twice ("lame dog", "three-legged dog"). Do we all anthropomorphize when looking at chairs?


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10 Dec 2008

Strange mud-flaps, when foot rest is pulled out.

19 Nov 2008

Ruskin's color statement is tough to dissect and refute--

17 Nov 2008

But, if, as Ruskin says,

16 Nov 2008

I wonder what Ruskin would make of the DA poster

16 Nov 2008

Er... I don't think I buy this aphorism
First of all, what's a "pure" mind?

08 Nov 2008

Albert Speer?
Oh, wait-- he's not contemporary.

08 Nov 2008

Keep your dinnerware
...find new friends and family.

06 Nov 2008

If you find skin "gross".

01 Nov 2008

You've hurt our feelings. What ever happened to respect for Cultural Diversity?

31 Oct 2008

Knoll Life
I've had mine for about six months-- fabulously comfortable.