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04 May 2008

My search for a comfortable task chair continues. I've dismissed my previous notion of buying a kneeling chair (just too bizarre).


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27 Oct 2008

Excellent point, Heath--

26 Oct 2008

The pedestal base works

25 Oct 2008

Some Evans appeals to me, I could imagine owning a piece...

22 Oct 2008

White Baby's Breath...

22 Oct 2008

The big fake dink vase, combined with your description, made me spit out my coffee.

22 Oct 2008

Another homemade reproduction

22 Oct 2008

All the Panton cone chair variations are hideous. Hideous!

21 Oct 2008

The thread should be left
as a monument to one man's megalomaniacal attempt to harness

21 Oct 2008

If the chair's in close proximity to a door,

21 Oct 2008

I've bought from "0's" with no resulting problems,