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27 Jun 2016

It's authentic, recent production.

24 Jun 2016

Authentic, current HM / Vitra production in polypropylene plastic.

19 May 2016

The braces are generally "unfinished" metal color. Looks like your chair may have been painted over.

13 Apr 2016

Great stuff, wonderfully done!

05 Apr 2016

What kind of base are you looking for? The DSR has the Eiffel tower base. There is no "LSR".

05 Apr 2016

These chairs are fairly common, as they were likely used in many libraries across the US.

08 Mar 2016

There should be a threaded insert in each hole. Perhaps try contacting Herman Miller for the parts.

03 Mar 2016

Risom was all about no frills. I think this is a great example of his work.

28 Feb 2016

Very cool. Glad you found confirmation.