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07 Dec 2015

Really odd.. have not seen it before. You can try contacting Knoll museum.

03 Dec 2015

Some more photos... take forever to load on my computer though.

03 Dec 2015

Well, not super hi-res, but larger photos with some zoom on the 1stdibs link.

03 Dec 2015

@lief- I don't have a chair, was just curious. There are some high-res photos available online.

02 Dec 2015

Thanks jesgord... That is my sentiment as well.

30 Nov 2015

Looks like it was produced as part of a flat-pack set.

30 Nov 2015

These look odd to me, because the shape of the shell looks more like contemporary Knoll production rather than vintag

30 Nov 2015

Yes, the stamped numbers are the production date. Goes for other FDB products as well.

17 Nov 2015

It's authentic Knoll.

06 Nov 2015

No, Cherner never owned Plycraft.