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04 Feb 2012

Wondering if anyone knows about this mill, specifically the type of wood and whether it was made by Dansk or some other maker. It has an early style Peugeot grinder.


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02 Nov 2015

cdsilva- I'm going to go with NO.

28 Oct 2015

The trouble with upholstered chairs is that it is difficult to tell whether or not the seat backs have been cracked u

23 Oct 2015

The table looks more like Risom than the chairs do. Are they matched set? Any labels?

20 Oct 2015

Authentic Knoll, recent production.

15 Oct 2015

Bump for the old timers.

14 Oct 2015

For additional confirmation, I contacted Cassina as well since the chairs are often advertised by sellers as being ma

12 Oct 2015

Curious... You may want to try contacting Herman Miller and/or Eames Office.

12 Oct 2015

The base is Herman Miller. Don't know about the top. The white color is not very common.

06 Oct 2015

Shenandoah National Park, Stony Man summit.