1. How to search the designradar?

We are placing at your disposal different tools that will allow you to find very easily what you are looking for.

A simple search field that will allow you to do search using any keywords. 

But you will also be able to do research using the following criteria:



When a seller ads an items to the DesignRadar, he will associate it to one of the 50 categories and sub-categories that organize our database. You can do a search by limiting the result to only one of these categories. For example “chairs”, “dinnerware”, “coffee table”, etc.


You are looking for a creation of a specific designer? By selecting his/her name, you will access directly to all his/her items available.


The same as for the designers. Only interested by a specific manufacturer? Select the name and here you go.


You are not interested by items that are located at the other end of the world? You can select a country and you will see the items sold by the sellers of the selected country.


You are a fan of the exuberant creations of the sixties or you prefer the rigour of the twenties? No problem, you can decide to display the listings by decade. 

price range

You wish to offer your mother in law a nice gift, but not too expensive, or you are an interior designer and you are looking for a rare piece for one of your clients?  Search by price range.


You can make very specific searches by using multiple criteria in the advanced search panel.

Here are some examples of searches using multiple criteria:

It's possible to search for Sofas designed by Hans Wegner for Getama between 1950-1959 

or search for 

Chairs & Stools designed by Charles Eames and sold by sellers located in Germany for a price between 300 and 999 € 

or search for 

Table Lamps from the 80's from your favorite Seller

and so on...

There is a very, very large number of useful combinations to use!

For your convenience we have also added a 'reset' button under the search form. After a search, if you want to proceed to a completely different search, click on 'reset' and choose new criteria on a new fresh advanced search panel.

  1. How to buy the items listed on designradar?

DesignRadar is a tool that helps you to locate the interesting items available on the market. Nothing is sold directly by the designradar*.

Depending on the selling channel proceed as follow: 

Direct sale

Click on the button “CONTACT THE SELLER” to contact the seller by email and to arrange with him the terms of transaction. 


Click on the button “SEE IT ON THE SELLER’S WEBSITE” to access to the seller's website where you may continue the buying process.   


By clicking on the button “SEE IT ON EBAY” you will directly access the eBay page where the item is for sale. You will be able to place a bid or acquire the item directly (if the seller offers you this possibility).


When you click on the button “SEE IT ON THE AUCTIONEER’S WEBSITE” you are redirected on the website of the auction house that puts the item for sale. You will find there all the details on the conditions of sale.

*Please read this user agreement about the responsabilities of each parties.

If you have other questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

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